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At Revera, we believe that people can make or break an organisation.  By investing in your workforce, recognising their needs, rewarding their commitments and developing their strengths, you can build a talent culture that consists of loyalty and drive.  But we know this isn't always as easy as it sounds, especially as your organisation grows.  That is why we provide a bespoke range of services designed to help you invest in your people in the right way, understanding the laws involved and avoiding common pitfalls.  We can support your recruitment needs and work closely with you as you form a robust talent culture.  Or, if your organisation is not quite at the stage of achieving an in-house Human Resources team, we can offload the pressure by letting you outsource key responsibilities to our experts.  Please read through our services below and feel free to contact us if you are interested in discussing any of them further.

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Employment Law

Employment law addresses the legal rights of employees and employers.  It ​covers a broad ​range of ​areas including ​pensions and ​retirement, occupational ​health, ​workplace discrimination and more.  At Revera, we are both qualified and experienced in all aspects of employment law, so we can provide guidance and support to our clients to ensure these highly important areas are managed correctly.

Recruitment & Talent Management

We passionately believe that making the right choices during the recruitment process is essential to maximising business performance and output.  Revera can support you in developing your recruitment process and selecting the most appropriate recruitment techniques to provide you with the best possible return on investment.

HR Outsourcing

If your organisation does not require a full time HR Manager then Revera can offer an outsourced service tailored to your exact needs.  We can visit you on-site or be on hand remotely via phone and email to ensure that any HR issues are dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner. We even are available via social media and Whatsapp for those who prefer a more modern method of conversation!

Training & Coaching

We often forget that our people are our best assets. Keeping our people motivated and developing their skills are key to your business remaining competitive and moving in the right direction. We offer a tailored suite of training and coaching packages and solutions to suit both individuals and teams.

Compliance, Health & Safety

Compliance can be a minefield. Get it wrong and you may have to face serious financial and legal consequences.  Get it right and you can actively promote your organisation as a compliant business whilst protecting your bank balance!  At Revera we can guide you through the many laws and legislations that you are expected to comply with in order to protect your stakeholders whilst running a successful business.

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